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"Nisha Kutty is one of the best fashion photographers on the scene. She has in a short span of time managed to create amazing visuals with almost surreal images. Her photographs are a swirling mix of black and white or a Kaleidoscope of colors etched with passion and poetic imagery."       FASHDROBE

Born in the US and raised in India ,Nisha Kutty brings her unique blend of  east and west and creates one of a kind images that have a strong impact on the viewer.

She has a keen eye for fashion and make up and is able to gave her valuable input to any shoot that makes it memorable.She doesn't consider herself to be just a photographer,she works with brands to understand what exactly they are looking for and helps them achieve those goals through  photography.She is able to use her training in Art Photography under celebrated Swiss photographer Beat Presser to give images an artistic quality

Having lived and worked in New York for 10 yrs, she has a great respect for quality of images and only works with the best post production people.